French aid in american revolution

Meanwhile, the American colonists and the British government began to fight over whether Parliament in London or the colonial assemblies had primary responsibility for taxation.

French aid in american revolution

It is possible to argue that the American colonists would not have won the war if it had not been for the French assistance. The French did not get involved in the American Revolution right away. The French did want to support the Americans because they wanted to hurt Great Britain which was their main enemy France did a great deal to help the American colonists during their war for independence from the United Kingdom.

The French did want to support the Americans because they wanted to hurt Great Britain which was their main enemy in Europe. However, they did not believe that the colonists would be able to defeat the British.

Therefore, they thought that getting involved would simply lose money and soldiers with no prospect of any return. However, when the Americans won the Battle of Saratoga, France decided that the colonists had a good chance to win.

French aid in american revolution

This led to active French involvement in the war. The French helped the American colonists in two main ways. First, they provided the colonists with many of the supplies they needed and with a great deal of money.

What did the French do in the American Revolution

The colonies needed these things very much in order to keep their war effort going. Second, the French provided important military assistance. The French sent some ground troops, though they did not send a very large number and those troops were not of tremendous importance.

More importantly, France sent naval forces to help fight the British navy. These naval forces were very important because they happened to be present to fight the British at the Battle of the Chesapeake in The French victory in this battle prevented the British from relieving their besieged troops at Yorktown, VA.

When the Americans with some French ground forces defeated the British at Yorktown, it marked the end of major fighting in the war. Thus, the alliance with France helped the colonies win the war by providing them with supplies, money, and military aid.French aid was the cause of the colonists’ victory of the American Revolution.

Without it, the colonies would not have succeeded in their revolt against Britain, . Transcript of History- American & French Revolution Timeline American Revolution Timeline The Stamp Act of was a tax imposed by the British Parliament on the colonies.

French aid in american revolution

It required that printed materials in the colonies be produced on stamped paper made in London. The French Government and the Civil War, The diplomatic action () Sainlaude, Stève. France and the Confederacy, () Sears, Louis Martin.

"A Confederate Diplomat at the Court of Napoleon III," American Historical Review () 26#2 pp. – in JSTOR on Slidell. Wahlstrom, Todd W. The American Revolution was a civil conflict fought in the late s between Great Britain and its American Colonies over the Colonies' right to independence. The Colonists enjoyed the advantage of fighting in familiar territory and were motivated by their desire for independence.

The French were. A look at the American Revolutionary War and the decisive role France played in ending the conflict in the colonists' favor. but he sent a secret loan and other aid anyway.

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Meanwhile, the French entered negotiations with the Spanish, who could also threaten Britain, but who were worried about colonial independence. American Revolution. they both had different causes of their revolution, also the outcome of the American revolution was Independence if i remember.

The outcome of the french revolution was the en d of taxation without representation and .

What were the outcomes of the French Revolution