Operations management assignment essay

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Operations management assignment essay

Enterprise Resource Planning Product and Service Management Management of products and services include the activities that can manage the product or services of an organization. The activities include creation, designing, manufacturing, distribution and sales of a product or services.

In all of the activities, the first activity is named as the idea of a product. Second is product development, then the third is production of a product and in the last is the distribution of a product.

Moreover, promotion is done through advertising and then sales and services. Quality Management Quality management is one of the essential elements of operations management. It takes place when an organization is in the phase of finished their products and services and they are ready to transfer it to their customer.

Quality management is a process of evaluating the quality of a goods or services provided by the manufacturer to the users. There are some standards of quality measurement set by the higher authorities due to which the manufacturer can ensure the quality of a goods or services whether it is acceptable or not.

ISO is the international standard to measure the quality. It has an instruction that helps an organization to achieve the quality of ISO Total quality management is also known as the TQM, which involves the process of continuous improvement which fulfill the needs of the customers.

Six Sigma is an approach which is used to minimize the level of wastage whereas; it is used in the production of goods and services. Inventory Management Inventory management is the management of allocating the inventory of particular goods of an organization.

There are few methods for managing the inventory like just in time method, which reduces the storage cost of an organization. Supply Chain Management Operations management assignment essay Chain is the process of a set of activities that describe the flow of goods and services from the production house to the end user.

Supply chain management is the management of organizing all those activities, whether they are coordinating with each other or they are processed in the right way. Logistics and Transportation Management Logistics and transportation management is defined as the overseeing of the activities of logistics and transportation that include the flow of materials from the suppliers to the manufacturer, goods from the suppliers to the distribution channels.

Operations management assignment essay

Furthermore, the activities also include goods from the distribution channels to the end user, who also keeps in mind the cost effectiveness and the level of efficiency. It is a software which can be used to collect, store and manages the data and information about the products and services that can be interpreted through many business activities in an organization.

The activities which are included in this process are planning of a product, product manufacturing, inventory management, sales and marketing of a product and shipping and payment of the product.

Bottleneck The bottleneck is the concept in the operations management, which states that it is the point where the production of an organization is becoming limited or it reaches at the highest level of production, but still the organization does not has the ability to meet the demands of the consumers.

Essay Operations Management Homework and Assignment Help

It is the responsibility of a manager to manage the bottleneck of an organization because it is considered as a key of profitability and productivity of an organization.

There are many ways to get rid of this bottleneck situation such as not over producing the inventory. Overproduction often occurs because of the lack of information about the inventory or the organization does not have enough resources that will guide it about the inventory level of an organization.

Sometimes the manufacturer thinks that they have enough production capacity without knowing that each operating plant has the equal capacity of producing the goods. The manager should work on how he can manage the production plant efficiently, which do not face the problem of bottlenecks.

Another good solution for the organizations that are in a state to face to bottleneck problem is to increase the production capacity of an organization. There are some ways to increase the production capacity: Increase the amount of resources at the bottleneck operations Always become a part to analyze the processes Critically observe the schedule of the production plant Enhanced the schedules of the operation in the plant Curtail the downtime of the processed machine that is why others equipment are facing bottleneck After sometime done some process improvement work that will help in reducing the bottleneck.

Relocate some of the activities that occurred bottleneck. Conclusion It can be concluded that the operation management can manage the activities of the organization in a manner that can raise the level of efficiency by reducing the cost of inputs against the level of outputs.

Operations management assignment essay

It has four main dimensions which include finance, customer, internal processes and learning and innovation. Each of them is equally important when someone is designing the operational plan. The advantages of operations management are that it reduces the level of cost of cost of production and increasing business revenues.

Simultaneously, it is a chance for an organization to make innovation in their products and earn a competitive edge compared to the other competitors. There are numerous functions in operations management, which help in making the operational plan successful.

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Operations Management Assignment. Background Operations Management (OM) is an important aspect of business (Slack et al, ; Greasely, ; Patton et al, ).

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Operation management. Keywords WordCnt This essay analyzes the functions of Operational Management in its different levels of strategies, and concludes that Operational Management should be both operational and strategic as it requires both to be a well developed and successful, as to allow the company to grow and increase their profits.

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