Outline should children be tried as adults

Maximum words Submit How can they possibly be tried as adults, when they are physically incapable of thinking like one?

Outline should children be tried as adults

Children as young as 13 or 14 are committing violent crimes such as murder, rape, and armed robbery. Some of these children are being tried as adults while others are being tried as juveniles and receiving milder punishments.

A juvenile offender may receive a few years in a juvenile detention facility and possibly probation following his release at age eighteen.

An adult committing the same violent crime will receive a much harsher penalty, often years in jail, possibly a life sentence, with little or no chance of parole. The only difference between the two offenders is the age at which they committed the crime.

Juveniles over the age of fourteen should be tried as adults when accused of violent crimes. Forty-one states currently have laws that make it easier to try a juvenile that has committed a violent crime and is over the age of 14 as an adult.

InTexas lowered the age a juvenile could be tried as an adult from 15 to Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana also have laws setting the minimum age a juvenile can be tried as an adult at At age fourteen the average person is mentally mature enough to understand the consequences associated with committing a crime.

Introduction In Wisconsin, however, any juvenile over the age of 10 who is charged with homicide or attempted homicide will be automatically tried as adults, which makes the debate moot and academic. Here is a list of certain points you should consider regarding this issue.

If a juvenile, over fourteen has the ability and willingness to commit a violent crime they should be tried and punished as an adult. A fourteen year old knows right from wrong. He or she is able to tell whether they are committing a crime.

If a juvenile is mature enough to commit an adult crime, they should be treated as an adult, and punished justly according to the adult law. The difference in age in two people should not determine their punishment if they have committed the same crime under the same or similar pretenses.

Juveniles are constantly being exposed to violence through movies, television, and video games. Young children, those age 13 and under, may find it natural to mimic these sources.

Teenagers, fourteen and older, however, are beyond the stage of imitation. They no longer imitate actions they see on television or in the movies. They have reached a level of maturity that allows them to think and act for themselves.

They are at an age where they can make up their own minds and decide for themselves to do things, such as bathe or prepare basic food items. These teenagers still need guidance in life, but no longer need someone to hold their hand.

A juvenile offender should be tried according to his crime.

Essay: Should juveniles be tried as adults

If he has committed a juvenile crime, then juvenile punishment is fitting. However, if he has committed an adult crime, or violent crime, a harsher punishment is needed.

A teenager will not be taught anything or learn to take responsibility for their actions, if they are treated with special care and consideration when acting as an adult. A fourteen year old has the metal capacity to determine right from wrong, even when it comes to committing violent crimes.

Essay title: Should Juevniles Be Tried as Adults?

An adult crime deserves an adult punishment, even when the offender is a juvenile.Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults? Jan 8, Reprinted from the Sunday, January 7, edition of The Tennessean "Old enough to do the crime, old enough to do the time." This popular refrain reduces a complex reality to simplistic rhetoric.

It’s also wrong. While young people must be held accountable for serious crimes, the juvenile. Older adults should also change their diet, exercise, quit smoking and reduce stress before taking any medicine.

Outline the mechanisms by which blood clots dissolve in the body, correlating this information with the actions of drugs used to affect blood clotting. Dec 01,  · Should Juvenile Criminals be tried as Adults? (Argumentative Essay) Should Juvenile Criminals be tried as Adults?

Life is precious and we live it only once, however, what we do with it is to our own discretion. Should Juveniles Be Tried as Adults?

Outline should children be tried as adults

Much controversy exists on the question of whether a juvenile criminal should be punished to the same extent as an adult/5(1). Should Juvenile Criminals Be Tried As Adults? Essay; Should Juvenile Criminals Be Tried As Adults?

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Essay. Words 3 Pages. Crimes are most associated with adults. Murder is especially most associated with adults. Some of these children are being tried as adults while others are being tried as juveniles and receiving milder punishments.

Outline should children be tried as adults

A. Never has it dealt with children under twelve and pampers young adult's ages sixteen and seventeen who primarily should be considered adults. This act has caused an increase in crime by youths. The only benefit of the YOA is that it is very stern with juveniles and treats them as adults (Carmina ti ).

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